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Quality and Service Excellence

Izandla Engineering endorses and practices the Quality Management System, which is based upon SABS ISO 9002 code of practice for Quality Management Systems. The Quality System at Izandla Engineering is subdivided in two functions, namely that of assurance and control. The assurance aspect is governed by the establishment and maintenance of the Quality System Documentation. The effectiveness of control instituted is monitored by the regular review and analysis of Quality System.


As a 100 % Black owned and managed Company, we fully subscribe towards achieving our own and legislated targets in the following areas: 1. Skills development
2. Enterprise development
3. Corporate Social Investment
4. Preferential Procurement
5. Empowered Management Structures



Vijay Poorun Managing Member
Karmani Clarivette Operating Manageress
Sean Makkie Site Manager
Shakeel Khan H.R. Manger
Tony Sarup I.T leader
Allen Balram Accounts Leader
Pezzy Nyuswa Payroll Admin
Sindiwe Ndlovu Office Admin
Ronnie Moodley Site Agent
Micheal Mtshatsha Site Clerk
Admin Staff +/- 15


Numbers fluctuate as required +/- 500 staff.

Initiatives, aimed at sourcing business from the private / public sector and the new emergent market within Southern Africa, are currently in place and are being actively pursued. This constitutes the Izandla Engineering Growth Plan.


Mediocre or lackluster performance is not excused. Each individual is expected to be responsible for making a positive contribution to the company, it's customers and it's people. Our professionalism, service quality to excellence is demonstrated in every task we perform.


Izandla Engineering accepts the responsibility to take an active part in the empowerment and development of disadvantaged communities. Through job creation and capacity building we inculcate a culture of productive activity within different industries.

It is a fundamental principle of our company that all projects will be structured to facilitate the transfer of skills and technology. We believe that the broader concept of skills transfer and meaningful empowerment is both necessary and very essential.

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